Pennsylvania Superior Court Declares that Complaint to Enforce Mechanics’ Lien Claim May Be Filed at Same Docket Number as Mechanics’ Line Claim

On October 1, 2013, the Pennsylvania Superior Court issued a precedential opinion holding that when determining whether to apply the 2007 Amendments to the Mechanics’ Lien Law, the key date is the date upon which the lien is filed, and not the dates o(…)

Mechanics’ Liens: Good News for Contractors; Bad News for Construction Lenders

In Commerce Bank/Harrisburg v. Kessler, 46 A.3d 724 (Pa. Super. Ct. 2012), the Superior Court held that a bank’s mortgage is not entitled to “super-priority” under the Mechanics’ Lien law unless all of the proceeds from the mortgage “are used to pay a(…)

Mechanics’ Liens: Is a Move to the Ohio Model on the Way?

Currently pending before the Pennsylvania Senate Labor and Industry Committee, House Bill No. 1602 (the “Bill”), if and when enacted, would add new notice requirements to the Lien Law. The majority of the Bill focuses on the creation of a new lien not(…)

Mechanics’ Liens: Labor Unions’ Right to File a Lien as a Subcontractor

In Bricklayers of Western Pa. Comb. Funds, Inc. v. Scott’s Development Co., 41 A.3d 16 (Pa. Super. Ct. 2012), the Superior Court held that (1) the substantive provisions of the Lien Law (as opposed to its procedural provisions) must be liberally const(…)