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Workforce Services

Do you need a strong partner to help you address workforce issues that often arise on a construction site? With our knowledge of labor and employment law, we can step right in to negotiate labor agreements, obtain injunctions to bar mass picketing, litigate prevailing wage rate disputes and address OSHA complaints.

Our hands-on experience with construction workforce laws also allows us to facilitate the resolution of disputes under the National Labor Relations Act, so your employees get back on the job in a timely manner.


Additional Resources
“Construction industry labor relations is a specialized and often obscure area of the law. Labor contracts in the construction industry have their own set of rules that often contain traps for the unwary. Dealing with unions in the building and construction industry requires an understanding of these peculiar legal and contractual issues. Our clients value our understanding of these issues because it helps them to get the job built.”

– John A. McCreary, Jr.

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