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New PA Legislation Would Allow Gas Pipelines to Run Along Turnpike

As reported by The Scranton Times-Tribune, Pennsylvania State Representative Scott Petri (R-178th Leg. Dist., Bucks County) recently introduced legislation that would allow the Turnpike Commission to grant pipeline operators the right to use its existing right-of-way for the construction of parallel gas pipelines in exchange for a transmission fee.  Representative Petri asserts that passage of the bill will ultimately generate state revenue and minimize the impact of transmission line development on private property owners.  Although the Turnpike Commission has not yet determined how much of the state’s 550 mile turnpike system may be suitable for parallel gas pipelines, the proposed legislation comes at a time when midstream development and operations in the Marcellus Shale are on the rise, as state officials predict that thousands of miles of new pipelines will be needed to transport gas to new markets.  Representative Petri also suggests that Interstates 80 and 79, which span 311.07 miles and 182.72 miles in Pennsylvania, respectively, could provide additional opportunities for parallel gas pipelines upon federal approval.