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PADEP Releases 2011 Air Emissions Data

On February 12, 2013, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection released its 2011 emissions data from the unconventional drilling industry, which accounts for emissions from natural gas production and processing facilities from “57 operators of unconventional wells and 40 mid-stream operators of 150 compressor stations.” In its Fact Sheet, the DEP notes that there were significant reductions for a number of air contaminants from 2008 (the last year that the DEP completed an emissions inventory) to 2011, including nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides. In a press release, the Marcellus Shale Coalition noted that according to this 2011 air emissions data, “Marcellus Shale development accounts for less than 3 percent of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and 1 percent of the total volatile organic compounds (VOC) emitted each year in the Commonwealth.” Pursuant to the Oil and Gas Act of 2012 (Act 13), owners and operators of these point sources must report these air emissions annually to the DEP by March 1 each year. 2012 air emission data is due to the PADEP on March 1, 2013.