Data Indicates that the Construction Industry Unemployment Hit a Six-Year Low in September

According to a press release issued by Associated General Contractors of America, an analysis of the most recent government data indicates that employment in the construction industry rose by 20,000 jobs in September, and the industry’s unemployment r(…)

Federal Government Shutdown Having Limited Affect on Federal Highway Administration Construction, but Affecting Federal Contract Solicitation and Awards

As the shutdown of the federal government enters its second week, its impact on federally funded construction projects has been somewhat muted because of the way that certain federal agencies receive their funding.  For example, because the Federal Hi(…)

Association of General Contractors’ Website Has Resource Center for Contractors Affected by Government Shutdown

The Association of General Contractors has created a Resource Center to provide information to government contractors about the current federal government shutdown.  The Resource Center, which is available here, contains links to contingency plans dra(…)