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Norm Gilkey, a member of the firm’s Creditors’ Rights and Insolvency Group, is a certified and experienced Mediator and serves on the Mediation panels for both the United States District and Bankruptcy Courts of the Western District of Pennsylvania. With more than a decade of Mediation experience, he has been appointed by those Courts to mediate numerous business and consumer bankruptcy disputes and non-bankruptcy commercial disputes, ranging from basic to complex matters. Most matters are mediated during a half-day or full-day session. Others can be ongoing, including one during which, over the course of several months, Norm assisted two Chapter 11 Debtors and their key creditor in reaching and consummating a consensual Plan of Reorganization. He also mediates private party commercial disputes and in all instances has a very high rate (80 percent +) of helping parties successfully resolve their disputes. Mediation can often be a significant cost-saving way of promptly resolving disputes, with the parties retaining much more control over their own destinies, as compared to traditional litigation. A list of attorneys for whose clients Norm has conducted Mediations can be provided upon request. In addition to his high success rate, Norm takes special pride in being frequently told by other attorneys and parties alike that he “works his Mediations hard.” Mediation rates can be provided upon request.


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“In what has become an increasing complex business world, the Creditors’ Rights and Insolvency Group constantly assists its clients in making sense of such matters, to aid them in making the best possible business decisions. We try to be as practical as possible and, just as important, we strive to keep in mind the ramifications for our clients of legal steps they are contemplating, including from the perspective of fees and costs likely to be incurred. ” – Norman E. Gilkey
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