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In the face of complex deals, clients demand both accountability and accuracy when it comes to reviewing and managing documents during the due diligence process.  Most clients and transactions require a flexible solution that meets tight budget and time constraints, while enabling full access to contracts and critical business information from anywhere on demand.

Leveraging our proven experience in transaction and content management capabilities, Babst Calland ’s turnkey transaction services support the immediate needs of our clients in a competitive and cost-efficient manner.  Our due diligence and post-closing document integration services help to meet mission-critical objectives, not only in closing the deal, but also managing the ongoing operations of a purchased asset.

What sets us apart and makes us a valuable partner in any deal is our approach to client-centered customization and proprietary document management technology capabilities. Beginning with comprehensive interviews of key stakeholders and a tailored roadmap to support transaction objectives and deadlines, our project management team carefully plans and coordinates every step of the process.  In addition, quality controls are implemented at every step to ensure consistency and reliability.

Due Diligence Services

A successful transaction requires effective and efficient due diligence with the support of an experienced content management process and due diligence resource team.  Our team of due diligence and document management professionals can access, mobilize and manage critical business information into an effective operational database to help optimize the deal.  We review all contracts and forms of documentation for accuracy, regulatory compliance and completeness in order to identify potential due diligence issues and provide thorough reports and recommendations.

Services include: 

  • Contract Review
  • Title/Real Property Review
  • Regulatory Review
  • Discovery Review and Production
Post-Closing Integration Services

For the past 15 years, Solvaire Technologies, an affiliate founded and developed by Babst Calland, has created highly effective, cost-efficient and secure systematic databases to support a variety of high volume projects for our clients.  Through its document management technology and customized support services, Solvaire captures data and critical business information for each project that can be seamlessly downloaded into a client’s operational database for managing the acquired assets.

Project Management Services

Through a competitive, non-legal pricing structure, Solvaire offers a flexible pricing model designed to provide budget certainty. We respond to every project quickly by deploying skilled staff scaled to the project and offer a dedicated flexible workspace to meet a client’s needs.

Our resources and turnkey transaction approach is grounded in a cost-efficient structure and state-of-the-art project and document management services for any size due diligence project, including:

  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Multi-tiered Quality Control
  • Technology Support
  • Database Design
  • “Real Time” Electronic Reporting Functions
  • Consistent, Usable Work Product
  • Integration with Existing Client’s IT and Contract Management Systems

Our approach to project management is comprehensive, customizable, cost-effective and tailored to your specific goals.  

Clients receive exclusive access to high-quality, easy-to-use document and database management technology through a proprietary systematic process designed to meet your specific goals.

Whether it’s pre- or post-closing support, we unlock valuable data that eases the transition from “acquisition mode” to “document and operational migration” mode for ongoing management of acquired assets.

Simply stated, Babst Calland’s turnkey transaction services provide dedicated legal and IT professionals and the processes to efficiently unlock and analyze pre- and post-deal information that’s critical to efficiently closing the deal and managing the acquired assets long after the closing.


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“What sets us apart and makes us a valuable partner in any deal is our approach to client-centered customization and proprietary document management technology capabilities.” – Christian A. Farmakis
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