Client Advisory

(by Christian Farmakis)

Dear Clients and Friends:

Clearly, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a time for reflection and a time for staying on top of our personal and professional priorities.

With the Coronavirus pandemic having a widespread effect on business continuity, supply chains and revenues, Babst Calland and its alternative legal service provider, Solvaire, are currently advising C-suite executives and managers as they seek to quickly assess their contract provisions, evaluate their exposure and make effective operational and financial risk-based decisions. Of particular concern, key suppliers may desire to invoke “force majeure”, delay or termination provisions during this time of uncertainty. Similarly, our clients may desire to invoke these same provisions to delay or terminate unessential projects.

By employing a series of AI/machine learning and other legal technologies, we can conduct accelerated and thorough searches across huge document sets revealing key information about each contract before our professional staff even begins reviewing the documents.
During this time, we understand the unprecedented challenges your organization and internal teams may be facing. Our team is here to help. Solvaire has 20 years of project management and quality control experience to organize and manage contract review projects from start to finish.

We employ flexible staffing models and can quickly ramp up staffing based on deadlines and need. Our reviewers and staff are fully capable of working remotely, allowing us to comply with the latest CDC Guidelines regarding social distancing.

Projects can be customized to fit your timeline and needs. Representative contract clause extraction provisions include force majeure, material adverse effect, termination, insurance, delay, term, governing law, payments and notice information, among others. Our legal technologies can also be quickly “trained” to find critical contract provisions unique to your business or industry.

Our entire team stands ready to assist in your business continuity. Please take care of yourself, your families, your customers and your business. Let us know how we can help. For immediate assistance, please call me at (412) 337-9269, or my colleague Charles G. Rile at (412) 654-6528.

Thank you.
Christian A. Farmakis
Chairman of the Board, Babst Calland
President, Solvaire

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