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Regulatory Compliance & Permitting

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Our environmental regulatory attorneys spend time in the field and at your plant sites assisting your company to understand the often times complex requirements that apply. We monitor federal, state and local agencies’ development of new and revised regulations and represent our clients during the regulatory development process to effectively impact the regulations that are finally promulgated. We understand the regulatory process. Our attorneys participate in advisory boards to the agencies. We are prepared to assist our industrial clients in their efforts to impact the regulatory process and to understand the regulations that apply to their businesses.
We represent clients in enforcement actions instituted by the environmental regulatory agencies as well as by environmental organizations. We frequently engage in negotiations with the environmental agencies or environmental groups to resolve matters short of litigation. However, when the time comes to fight, we will team with our litigation attorneys to vigorously defend our clients’ interests. We routinely defend alleged noncompliance with environmental laws and regulations in administrative tribunals, and state and federal courts. Our expertise with any specific environmental topic allows us to effectively assess enforcement matters and appropriately respond by negotiating settlement agreements or litigating when necessary.

Babst Calland’s representation of clients in various manufacturing sectors at facilities throughout the country equip the Environmental group to meet companies’ day-to-day health and safety-related compliance and citation/enforcement defense needs. Our attorneys have experience advising clients on issues confronted in complying with the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) general industry and construction standards and the Mine and Safety Health Act (MSHA) standards. In addition, our attorneys regularly monitor OSHA and MSHA regulatory developments and programs for clients and are called upon to comment on proposed developments on behalf of clients, as well as defend OSHA and MSHA citations. Our attorneys also assist clients with implementing compliance audit programs. As a result, we have a fundamental understanding of the application of specific rulemakings to our clients’ needs and are equipped to provide sound and cost-effective advice in managing various health and safety issues.

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“The depth and experience of our environmental attorneys enables us to address environmental issues of varying complexities and involving various types of concerns with a professional with the appropriate subject matter experience. We are able to provide very timely and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ problems.”

– Michael H. Winek

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