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Labor Relations

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Dealing with organized labor raises serious legal issues. Babst Calland’s attorneys have experience to help you avoid those concerns.

With decades of experience dealing with organized labor in both the public and private sector, our labor relations team can guide you through even the most complex labor issues, from the initial organizing campaign through the election of officers and beyond.

Let us partner with you during the negotiation of a collective bargaining agreement, as well as through labor contract administration, grievance processing and arbitration, unfair labor practice proceedings and litigation of contract disputes.

We can also respond to secondary boycotts and address the multitude of issues that arise in preparing for and dealing with strikes.

“The keys to effective personnel and labor relations are to use the tools the law and your experience have given you, to let people know how they are doing and the consequences of both good and bad performance, and to keep true to your word.”

– John A. McCreary, Jr.

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