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Employment & Labor

image of drill in a field

Clients in the energy and natural resources industry are not immune from the problems affecting employers everywhere. Indeed, the energy industry can present some unique and serious issues. These include:

  • Restrictive agreements affecting the ability to attract and/or keep talented employees;
  • Efforts by organized labor to establish representational rights in this largely unorganized workforce;
  • Problems arising from the multi-employer worksite;
  • Occupational safety and health issues;
  • Wage and hour problems; and
  • Compliance with a host of federal and state regulations of the workplace.

Babst Calland’s multidisciplinary approach to providing services to the energy industry includes an experienced team to focus on these issues.

“Our employment and labor attorneys understand the issues and opportunities facing the energy industry to develop and implement cost-effective and creative solutions with any employment or workforce challenge.” – Stephen A. Antonelli
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