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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property has been called the “oil of the twenty first century”1. While oil and other tangible property can only be taken from its rightful owner through the use of drilling rigs, trucks, pipelines and the like, intellectual property can be irreparably lost through the click of the mouse, a stroke of the pen, or even the slip of the tongue.

The intellectual property litigation attorneys at Babst Calland use their knowledge and significant experience in the areas of copyright, trademark and trade secrets law to protect and recover significant intellectual property assets through consultation, registration and litigation. Our attorneys have deep experience in the fast-paced world of preliminary injunctions. We have used our considerable talents to protect our clients’ valuable intellectual property, as well as to fend off creative claims of infringement and misappropriation.

Whether you need assistance in protecting your intellectual property at the time of its creation, or have discovered that someone is attempting to profit from your creativity, the IP litigation team at Babst Calland can help.

Our experience includes:

  • Representation of a medical services provider when it discovered its competitor had stolen architectural plans for stand-alone facilities.
  • Representation of an international artist in counseling and protecting his artwork.
  • Representation of architects who have discovered their architectural plans have been copied or used without payment.
  • Representation of photographers in registering their works with the United States Copyright Office and enforcing their intellectual property rights when they have discovered instances of infringement.
  • Representation of companies who have been accused of software infringement when the custom software development projects with third party vendors have gone awry.
  • Representation of heavy equipment companies with their trademark registration.
  • Representation of a thermoplastics manufacturer with their trademark registration and trademark portfolio maintenance.
  • Representation of a company in the scientific industry in defense of Lanham Act claims.
  • Representation of the music and movie industry in enforcement of their copyrights.
  • Representation of several businesses in avoiding trademark misuse.
“Intellectual property is created faster than ever, is more valuable than ever, and is stolen more quickly than ever, in today’s digital age. Businesses and individuals should carefully assess whether they are adequately protecting their copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property, and must be ready to pursue infringers or risk losing their valuable intellectual property.” – James V. Corbelli
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