Toxic Tort Litigation

Effective defense of environmental toxic tort claims requires a depth of knowledge of environmental statutes and regulations, substantive tort law, and procedural devices like Lone Pine Orders and Daubert motions.

At Babst Calland, toxic tort attorneys are supported by the environmental practice group. Our toxic tort attorneys have extensive experience in the science and procedures employed to establish – and also challenge – standardized “safe levels” of exposure to chemicals. We apply our understanding of environmental statutes and regulations to the history of the site and our understanding of the facts and science relating to the personal injury and/or property damage claims, to develop an effective toxic tort litigation strategy. As part of our practice, we:

  • Defend individual and class action suits for personal injury and property damage from alleged environmental excursions.
  • Defend suits alleging personal injury and property damage from natural gas development activities.
  • Proceed before administrative tribunals in order to challenge standards and limits.
  • Partner with physicians, toxicologists and other public health scientists to conduct public peer reviews to establish initial or alternative risk-based exposure standards.
  • Sit on standards-setting agency advisory committees.
  • Participate in public health consultations conducted by agencies such as the Federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.


Additional Resources
“Given our experience in handling environmental and chemical cases, we are able to understand the complex scientific issues that arise in toxic tort cases.” – Kathy K. Condo
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