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Regardless of an employer’s commitment to preventative human resources management, employment and labor litigation is a cost of doing business. At Babst Calland, the Employment and Labor Group strives first to avoid costly claims through human resources counseling. But when necessary, we serve as your advocate in local, state and federal courts.

Backed by an in-depth knowledge of employment and labor law, we have successfully defended employers against sophisticated employment discrimination claims, wrongful discharge claims and employee benefits claims. Our experience extends to the defense of class actions under ERISA, FLSA and the multitude of employment discrimination statutes.


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“Most labor litigation involves arbitration under the labor agreement, or disputes before the Labor Board. Arbitration cases should be approached with the same seriousness as matters pending in court. Board matters require an appreciation for the difficulties of litigating in an often hostile forum. In either case, or when matters do end up in court, our familiarity with our clients’ operations and the labor issues they encounter gives us the tools we use to help solve their problems.”

– John A. McCreary, Jr.

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