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House ERE Committee Moves to Bar Chapter 78/78a Regulatory Package

On May 3, 2016, the Pennsylvania House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee (“ERE Committee”) voted 19-8 to advance a concurrent resolution that would disapprove the Chapter 78/78a regulations that were approved for promulgation by the Environmental Quality Board (“EQB”) in February of this year.  The concurrent resolution states that the regulations:  (1) violate Act 126 of 2014, which requires EQB to promulgate conventional and unconventional regulations separately; (2) disregard the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s ruling in Robinson Township, which enjoined portions of Section 3215 of the Oil and Gas Act (also known as Act 13 of 2012); and (3) do not comply with the Regulatory Review Act.  The House and Senate have 30 calendar days, or 10 voting session days, whichever is longer, from the date the resolution is reported out of committee to pass the concurrent resolution and present it to the Governor.  If the Governor does not veto the concurrent resolution, or if his veto is overridden by the General Assembly, EQB will be barred from promulgating the regulations.