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Small Businesses Need to Be Wary of Cyber Attacks (Opinion)

Small-business owners have many roles to fill–from managing payrolls and marketing to customer service. But one area many small-business owners fail to plan for is their company’s cybersecurity.

According to a recent Small Business Administration survey, 88% of small-business owners feel their business was vulnerable to a cyberattack. Experts warn that small businesses, including those in West Virginia, are under constant attack by cybercriminals, be it from local, national or global actors.

We don’t have to dig deep for a local example of this threat. In 2017 Princeton Community Hospital, in Mercer County, was a victim of the Petya attack, costing the health system $27 million.

Yet, many businesses can’t afford professional IT solutions, have limited time to devote to cybersecurity or simply don’t know where to begin.

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