Mychal Schulz selected to The Center for Law and Public Policy’s State Legislation and Rules Task Force

Attorney Mychal Schulz was selected to The DRI Center for Law and Public Policy’s newly formed State Legislation and Rules Task Force.

State and local defense organizations (SLDOs) facing potential legislation or rules likely to impact their members can seek support from the task force.

In the past year, The Center, at the request of DANY, offered comments that led to a veto in New York of changes to its wrongful death statute; submitted comments supporting positions taken by DTCWV on proposed changes to the West Virginia civil rules; and assisted ADC with a search for legislation in other states similar to a proposed bill in California to outlaw agreements to limit disclosure of discovery material about products posing danger to health or safety.

The Center’s State Legislation and Rules Task Force will provide similar support to SLDOs in the following ways:

    1. By assisting, upon request, SLDOs interested in evaluating, supporting, or opposing potential legislation or rules affecting their members and clients through

a. Sharing information about the issue from other jurisdictions;
b. Alerting other SLDOs of such issues and soliciting their advice;
c. Supporting SLDOs by providing comments favorable to the SLDO’s position;
d. Spreading word of critical developments with all SLDOs, a sort of early warning system; or

    2. By supporting SLDOs interested in promoting legislation or rules adopted in other jurisdictions, such as the likely changes occurring later this year to FRE 702.

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