Emerging Technologies Profile: Ashleigh H. Krick

Emerging Technologies Profile

What do you do? As a member of the Firm’s Emerging Technologies practice, I support the needs of clients on regulatory, intellectual property, and data privacy and security matters. With the enactment and up-tick in enforcement of the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act, I have been assisting a wide range of clients in complying with these laws. I am also a member of the Transportation Safety Group, where I work with clients on pipeline, hazardous materials, and motor vehicle safety matters. I am also active in the autonomous mobility and renewables industries, where I advise clients on a myriad of topics as they work to develop and commercialize these technologies.

Why do you do what you do? In high school, I took an environmental science class that piqued my interest in environmental and energy law given that energy plays such an important role in our society. I found the vast array of resources and technologies available to produce energy intriguing and exciting. I interned with the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission out of law school and that led to a position with the Firm in the environmental, transportation and pipeline safety practice groups. I am also part of the Firm’s new Renewables practice group. There are so many more energy technologies being developed today than when I was in high school, and it’s exciting to be a part of that industry.

Describe a client project that you are proud of. I assisted in developing a strategy for an autonomous vehicle company to deploy a Level 5 (fully autonomous) vehicle. This six-month project involved a complete review of federal statutory and regulatory structures, which were developed in a time where autonomous vehicles were not even contemplated. It was an interesting learning experience to engage with the client during the beginning stages of a revolutionary technology and provide a practical business strategy under the current law. I continue to work with autonomous vehicle companies as they navigate federal and state regulations pertaining to testing and deployment.

When you are not at work, you can be found … Outdoors. I love hiking, biking, snowboarding (a recent hobby) and just walking around on the trails in my neighborhood. When I’m not getting fresh air, I’m likely cooking up a storm or knitting…or tending to my
39 houseplants. All perfect activities for surviving the global pandemic!

Tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know or guess. My father was a “roadie” who ran sound boards for rock bands as his first career, and met my mother on the road. Yes, my parents may have been cooler than me. They travelled together for a while until they settled down with a family, and he got a job with IBM. My mom is now a travel nurse fighting COVID-19 across the country. I couldn’t be prouder of the long hours she puts in giving people the care they need to survive (albeit sometimes worried for her own health).

If you weren’t practicing law, what would you be doing? Definitely a National Park Ranger at any National Park. Out of the ones I’ve been to, Acadia and Zion are my favorite. I’m hoping to get to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks this year.

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