Automated/Autonomous Driving Systems (ADS) Innovation Boot Camp for Automotive Product Liability Litigators

Attorney Tim Goodman will be presenting a pre-conference workshop “Automated/Autonomous Driving Systems (ADS) Innovation Boot Camp for Automotive Product Liability Litigators” at the American Conference Institute’s Automotive Product Liability Conference, July 18-20, 2018.

Automotive experts forecast that within the next five years, we will be sharing the road with automated/autonomous vehicles on a daily basis. In theory, vehicular automation is intended to increase safety by eliminating the human error component that causes most accidents. However, in practice, the prospect of every OEM developing an autonomous vehicle does not come without concerns, especially relative to automotive product liability. Despite the intended consequences of autonomous vehicles, there are certain outcomes that are leaving members of the legal community scratching their heads. Join attorneys and technical specialists who are helping shape ADS policy in the mobility, transport and safety space.

This workshop will provide insights into this technology, along with the legal and regulatory ramifications. Points of discussion, among other things, will include:

  • SAE levels of driving automation
  • ADS systems, sensors, connectivity, architecture and related issues
  • ADS and self-certification of applicable federal safety standards
  • Homologation and regulatory compliance challenges
  • Innovative mobility and safety approaches
  • Best practices and emerging trends
  • Recent legislative and regulatory developments

For more information about the conference and this pre-conference workshop, click here.