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New CNG Conversion Facility Announced for Morgantown

INNOVA Commercialization Group, a West Virginia early-stage investment program, has announced that it will provide financing to Alternative Fuel Solutions of West Virginia, LLC for the construction of a facility in Morgantown that will convert aftermarket vehicles to operate on compressed natural gas (CNG), propane, and other alternative fuels which have been made abundant by shale gas development, reports The State Journal.  West Virginia’s 2011 Marcellus Gas Manufacturing and Development Act has made aftermarket conversion, which can require a substantial investment, a more attractive option: West Virginians who convert vehicles to operate on certain alternative fuels, such as CNG and propane, may qualify for state tax credits of 50% of the cost of conversion up to $7,500 for conventional vehicles, or up to $25,000 for large industrial vehicles.  At current prices, fleet owners may save an average 35 percent on fuel costs after switching to CNG, before accounting for state tax credits like those available in West Virginia.