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Pennsylvania DEP Releases Inaugural Oil and Gas Annual Report

Yesterday the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) released its inaugural Oil and Gas Annual Report, which showcases DEP’s regulation of Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry.  The Report describes the structure of DEP’s Oil and Gas Program and provides an overview of how Pennsylvania shale plays are connected to energy security.  The Report also provides examples of the agency’s work in the areas of “Permitting”, “Inspections,” “Compliance and Enforcement,” and “Stray Gas Investigations,” including mention of a database created by DEP for stray gas investigations with information dating back to 1987.  In the section devoted to “Regulatory and Policy Development,” DEP indicates that it anticipates presenting a final Chapter 78, Subchapter C rulemaking to the Oil and Gas Technical Advisory Board in 2014.  The Report concludes with highlights of DEP “Innovations” and a summary of studies and proposed regulations set for 2014.