EPA Proposes Prohibition on Discharge of Unconventional Wastewater to POTWs

Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a proposed rule under the Clean Water Act that would prohibit the discharge of unconventional oil and gas extraction wastewaters to publicly owned treatment works (POTWs).  The rule would(…)

Lackawanna County Landfill Approved to Receive Fluid Waste

As reported by the Wilkes Barre Times-Leader, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (“DEP”) recently approved a solid waste disposal permit modification to allow Keystone Sanitary Landfill (“Keystone”), located in Lackawanna County,(…)

Ohio Adopts New Guidelines for Applications for Facilities that Manage or Dispose of Drilling Wastes

Ohio legislation enacted earlier this year imposes new requirements on facilities that store, recycle, treat, process or dispose of brine or other waste substances associated with the exploration, development and operations of oil and gas wells. Under(…)

Barge Waste Transportation Proposal Open for Public Comment

The United States Coast Guard is accepting public comments on a proposal that would allow wastewater from hydraulic fracturing to be transported on barges using the Ohio River.  According to the Coast Guard there is commercial interest in transporting(…)

GreenHunter Water to Open Frack Water Recycling Plant in Warwood, West Virginia

Chem.info reports that GreenHunter Water has obtained all of the permits necessary to begin removing old structures at a former oil service site in Warwood, West Virginia.  Development of the site for its frack water recycling plant could be finished(…)

GreenHunter Receives Approval for Frac-Water Recycling Facility in Wheeling

The Wheeling Planning Commission has approved plans of GreenHunter Resources, Inc. for a water recycling and barging facility to be constructed in Wheeling, WV.  The $1.7 million construction project, as reported by the Pittsburgh Business Times, is G(…)

USGS Calls for More Data to Understand Relationship Between Earthquakes and Injection Disposal Activities

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) noted in a recent article published in Science magazine that over the last few years earthquakes have become more frequent in the central and eastern United States, which in some instances appear to coincide with the(…)

PA Legislation Would Mandate Use of Closed Systems for Non-Freshwater Fluids

A bill was recently introduced in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives that would require use of closed containment or loop systems for all non-freshwater associated with drilling and hydraulic fracturing.  Introduced by Representative Karen Boba(…)

Additional Agency Review Could Slow GreenHunter Progress at West Virginia Wastewater Processing Facility

The U.S. Coast Guard recently indicated that GreenHunter Water’s plan to transport brine from hydraulic fracturing via barges may undergo heightened scrutiny, with more federal agencies expected to weigh in on the matter.  In addition to the Coast Gua(…)

Ohio House Democrats Call for Ban on Fracking Waste

Ohio House Democrats introduced a bill on Wednesday that would make it illegal to dispose of oilfield waste, also known as brine, in any of Ohio’s 179 active Class II injection wells. Under current state law, brine must be either reused at another wel(…)

West Virginia DEP Oil and Gas Workshop on May 16th

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection will present an Oil & Gas Workshop at the Charleston Civic Center on May 16th beginning at 8:00 a.m.  Speakers will address a wide variety of topics of interest to operators, contractors, co(…)

PADEP Releases More Information About Radiation Study

On April 3, 2013, the PADEP issued a press release informing the public that it had released additional information and details regarding its ongoing comprehensive radiation study of oil and gas development in Pennsylvania, which was originally announ(…)

GreenHunter Water to Convert Barge Terminal into Wastewater Facility

Reflecting the development of barge transport for moving fluids from natural gas exploration and production activities, GreenHunter Water, LLC recently bought a 10.8 acre barging terminal facility in Wheeling, West Virginia.  The terminal facility was(…)

Water Study in PA Shows Minimal Impact from Drilling Operations

A recent study by the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences concluded that Pennsylvania’s waterways show little evidence of damage from chemical spills from oil and gas operations. The Associated Press reports that the study covered almost(…)

Company Continues to Move Forward with Johnstown Wastewater Treatment Project

WJAC-TV reports that Aspen Fluid Logistics plans to continue its development of a wastewater treatment pilot system in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, despite weather and permitting challenges. The pilot project, which was announced last April, will treat up(…)

Fairmont Brine Recycling Plant Re-Opening Delayed

The State Journal reports that Fairmont Brine Processing wastewater recycling facility has delayed its re-opening by a few months.  The facility began operations in 2009 but shut down shortly thereafter due to an unmanageable level of corrosion.  Wast(…)

Wastewater Transportation, Management, and Disposal in Ohio

Ohio law currently authorizes two options for the disposal of the wastewater generated from natural gas production operations – injection into a Class II underground injection control (UIC) well or spreading on roads as a deicer. However, with the dev(…)

PA DEP Announces Study of Naturally Occurring Radioactivity in Gas Drilling By-Products

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection announced yesterday that it will undertake a study concerning naturally occurring levels of radioactivity in oil and gas drilling by-products.  The study, which is expected to take 12 to 14 month(…)

New PA Auditor General to Conduct Performance Audit of DEP

After taking his oath as the 51st Auditor General of Pennsylvania on January 15, 2013, Eugene DePasquale announced that one of his “first official duties as auditor general will be to initiate a performance audit of the Pennsylvania Department of Envi(…)

Marcellus wastewater treatment plant slated for Potter County

The Potter Leader Enterprise reports that REVH20 LLC may soon begin construction of a shale gas wastewater treatment plant in Ulysses Township, Potter County, Pennsylvania. The company has already obtained the necessary permits from the DEP, and will(…)

Jefferson County Commissioners Oppose Underground Injection Wells

WJAC-TV in Johnstown is reporting that the Jefferson County Pennsylvania Commissioners recently drafted and then approved a resolution opposing underground disposal injection wells.  Although there are currently no plans for an injection well in Jeffe(…)

U.S. Coast Guard Considering Industry’s Transport of Wastewater via Barge

Drilling companies have made inquiries to the United States Coast Guard to clarify whether bulk transport of hydraulic fracturing wastewater is permitted on rivers and lakes.  Industry officials say this is the cheapest, safest way to transport wastew(…)

Patriot Water Treatment, LLC Sues ODNR

After receiving a favorable decision from the Ohio Environmental Review Appeals Commission (ERAC) and resuming its operations treating low-salinity wastewater from hydraulic fracturing operations, Patriot Water Treatment, LLC (Patriot) has filed suit(…)

GreenHunter Water Acquires UIC Wells in Ohio and West Virginia

On October 25, 2012, GreenHunter Water, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GreenHunter Energy, Inc., acquired two Class II Underground Injection Control (UIC) wells in Washington County, Ohio and Ritchie County, West Virginia for the disposal of salt w(…)