construction foreman reviewing plans

Babst Calland attorneys have a solid foundation in construction law and hands-on experience with project issues. We’ll work with you – from the ground up – to resolve even your most complex concerns.

Our construction attorneys know that you frequently need to strike a balance between many complex – and sometimes contradictory – concerns relating to your construction business. We stay current on all developments in construction law, including the issues often confronted by energy producers and midstream operators, so we can provide practical and cost-effective representation to clients in every sector of the industry.

Whether you need assistance with contract negotiations, compliance, scheduling demands, project management, governmental regulations or environmental issues, trust us to help. Our commitment to client satisfaction is always paramount.



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“To succeed in the construction business, you need to be able to juggle a lot of issues and concerns. The attorneys in our group have years of experience doing just that – balancing our clients’ legal needs with their business goals. It’s a partnership that works.”
– D. Matthew Jameson
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